Kindergarten №1 "Mir"

Address: Mezdra Street " Cyril and Methodius" №47, tel. 0910 92510
e-mail - odzmir

Kindergarten №1 "Mir" city. Mezdra, Mezdra municipality was opened on 01.11.1971
It trained 214 children aged 1 to 7 years divided into 9 groups / 8 garden and a nursery group /.
In Dolna Kremena Gorna Kremena and Tipchenitsa the children are mostly Roma.
Since 2002, We experimented program with a priority focus on socialization and integration of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Work and environmental education of children in connection with the program "Neogeya"
Kindergarten №1 "Mir" city. Mezdra has its own strategy for attracting and keeping children from ethnic minorities, adopted on pedagogical council with Protocol №2 / 20.09.2007g.
Our team shares the mission that all children have equal rights, regardless of their social or ethnic origin.
Since 2006 assistance of Mezdra Municipality offer transport and transport children from villages near Mezdra, where there are no kindergartens. We provide an opportunity for mutual knowledge and understanding between different ethnic groups, overcoming prejudice and discrimination. Together we are training, education, entertainment and igri.V Project BG-06 "Together we can do more" than ODZ№1 "Mir" includes 58 / fifty-eight / children at risk and needy.
DZ team motivated by the challenges of a dynamically changing conditions are open to innovation.