Kindergarten №2

"In the autumn of 1968 in the town of Mezdra, including new neighborhood" Sunny Beach "opened a new building spacious and sunny 4 Clubs, 4 bedrooms, medical office, kitchen, central heating, large yard with adequate facilities . Ever since its discovery the team directs its efforts towards strengthening the place of kindergarten in the pre-school sector of the city. "
/ Quote from the book chronicle of kindergarten №2 /
Here it is today- undergone many changes withstood the many styles of management, matured with time Kindergarten №2 has its won in confidence and gained confidence backed by professional stability and maturity.
It is a municipal kindergarten - secondary authorizing officer of Mezdra Municipality. It has a base in the town. Mezdra 4 garden groups and a base in the village Moravitsa with a mixed group. In Kindergarten №2 train and educate 120 children - 97 children in kindergarten - town. Mezdra and 23 children in a mixed group -Kindergarten with. Moravitsa.
To feel happy children in kindergarten №2 caring staff of 21 people - 1 director, 10 non-teaching staff and 10 teaching staff / 9 senior teachers and one head teacher /. All teachers have high educational and professional culture, personal qualities that are necessary in orientation in human values ​​and the formation of certain skills and habits.
The director and his team through its managerial and pedagogical culture, creating a positive and creative climate of the educational environment in which children and adults feel comfortable, confident, secure, communicate as equal members develop and improve. The kindergarten has team spirit, tolerance and cooperation. All aim to stimulate children's activity, initiative and individuality, inclusion in national universal values ​​and norms. By implementing pedagogical interaction contribute to the personal development of children.
Our priorities are:
• Good cooperation with parents;
• Ensuring equal access for all children, taking care to differentiate their different needs;
• Achieving high quality pre-school education;
• Successful integration of children at risk;
• conquer authority among parents and communities.

Our motto is: "Training together, appreciating differences»