Mezdra Municipality

Mezdra Municipality is located in northwestern Bulgaria and covers the northern part of the Iskar Gorge and along the Iskar river, with an average altitude of 270 meters. The terrain is hilly plain and hilly. Administrative center city Mezdra is located 90 km. north of the city of Sofia. Full use of natural resources for recreation and tourism - picturesque villages, natural attractions, proximity to the Vratsa Balkan and good infrastructure are Excellent potential for outdoor recreation or village.

The city is heir to an ancient culture. The first evidence of settlement dating from II - III. From Mr. E., When the Romans built the fortress "Kale". During the Turkish invasion in late fourteenth century were destroyed much of settlements in the area. Surviving population sought refuge in inaccessible surroundings. Mezdra itself in the Middle Ages there under the name Torbaritsa - fortress and settlement also destroyed at the end of XXIV century. Only in the nineteenth century shepherds from nearby villages settled in the area Princhovets along the river Kamenica 2 km west of the present town. A turning point for the development of Mezdra proved in 1893, when construction began on g. p. line Sofia - Roman. Among the first tourists eager to explore this away until the end of the homeland are Ivan Vazov and Aleko Konstantinov.