Children's entertainment center Patilantsi

On the day of 14.03.2017,100 kids and there leaders of the kindergaurdens from the teristory of Mezdra was visited the children's entertainment center Patilantsi / Children's Park Bobby and Kelly / in Sofia. The event withe the alumni of „Mir“, „Slanchev“, „Detelina“ and „Roza“ кindergartens in Mezdra also „Zvezdichka“ кindergarten - Zverino is under BG06 Program "Children and Young People at Risk"
For the fun of the children were provided attractions and they had access to all kinds of roundabouts, trains, falling tower, trampolines, over 30 small and large facilities. Most impressed were the electrical equipment Falling Tower, Simulator, Rollercoaster, Carousel Tea Cups as well as Rio Grande Train. Children's animation team cared for the well-being of the Children, which also held a dance and song ceremony in which the small guests took part. The kids also enjoyed a delicious lunch with a childish taste.
The project, which was organized for children to visit the Patilintsi party center, aims to improve the well-being of children in risk groups on the territory of the Municipality of Mezdra.