Children's museum „Muziko“

On the day of 14.03.2017,100 kids and there leaders of the kindergaurdens from the teristory of Mezdra was visited the America for Bulgaria Children's museum „Muziko“ in the city of Sofia. The museum has a 2000 sq m space with over 130 interactive games created for children and curious adults. The content of the museum where inspiring for the children to learn. The tree of Muzeiko it’s like family outbreak, under the tree the animators were telling the most interesting stories. How to kids grow and the changing of the seasons. Also the children learned more about history, present and future, they've gone thru every stage through demonstrations and interactive games.
Through games and applied activities, Suggestopedia and other accelerated learning techniques, the children were brought to different ages and were challenged to become scientists - archaeologists, geologists, architects and astronauts.The museum was a place where they were provoked to be more curious and interested in science, technology, ecology, and arts. The event with the alumnus of „Mir“, „Slanchev“, „Detelina“ and „Roza“ кindergartens in Mezdra also „Zvezdichka“ кindergarten - Zverino is under BG06 Program "Children and Young People at Risk".
The young guests managed to spend time together, actively and effectively, namely what the project's goal was, to improve the well-being of the children in the risk groups on the territory of the Municipality of Mezdra.