Visit Gabroro - Tarnovo

On the days of 30-31 March 2017,100 kids and there leaders of the kindergaurdens from the teristory of Mezdra was visited The museum of Humor and Satire and the ethnographic complex "Etara" and the town of Veliko Tarnovo - Tsarevets Hill and the Multimedia Visitor Center "Tsarevgrad Turnov" / Museum of Wax Figures /.
The event withe the alumni of „Mir“, „Slanchev“, „Detelina“ and „Roza“ кindergartens in Mezdra also „Zvezdichka“ кindergarten - Zverino is under BG06 Program "Children and Young People at Risk"
Provided two-day event, which included transport for all 100 participants, hotel accommodation for 1 night. Each participant had a fresh breakfast, a warm lunch and a delicious dinner with soft drinks and water.
The first stop of the trip was the Museum of Humor and Satire and Ethnographic Complex "Etara" in the city of Gabrovo. The children take a look around at the museum expositions who was showing the life and economic past of Gobrovo and Gabrovo during the National Revival. They looked at workshops with traditional Bulgarian crafts.
The second stop of our journey was the Museum of Wax Figures, which recreates important events from the life and culture of Tsarevets. They saw attractive backdrops of historical scenes, queen Irina Komnina, rulers Kaloyan and Ivan Asen II, only a few centimeters away. They admired the splendid decorations and frescoes in the throne room of the Bulgarian kings. They also saw Baldwin Flanders in the scene of his capture, notable boyars in their homes, patriarchs, craftsmen. They touched the bits of that time, reflected in the exposition of a potter's workshop, a mint, and a weapon.
The tour continued the tour in the Tsarevets fortress, bringing the little kids back in time, in the old capital of Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo preserved history, beauty and grandeur.
The alumni were conquered by the fortress and the walk around it. They enjoyed the nature and the thick fortified walls and gates that surrounded them. Above the palace, on the very top of the hill, is the restored Patriarchal church. Church impressed with the sizes and unique architecture, the children who could not wait to get to.