Mezdra Municipality

Mezdra Municipality is located in northwestern Bulgaria and covers the northern part of the Iskar Gorge and along the Iskar river, with an average altitude of 270 meters. The terrain is hilly plain and hilly. Administrative center city Mezdra is located 90 km. north of the city of Sofia. Full use of natural resources for recreation and tourism - picturesque villages, natural attractions, proximity to the Vratsa Balkan and good infrastructure are Excellent potential for outdoor recreation or village.

Kindergarten №2

"In the autumn of 1968 in the town of Mezdra, including new neighborhood" Sunny Beach "opened a new building spacious and sunny 4 Clubs, 4 bedrooms, medical office, kitchen, central heating, large yard with adequate facilities . Ever since its discovery the team directs its efforts towards strengthening the place of kindergarten in the pre-school sector of the city. "
/ Quote from the book chronicle of kindergarten №2 /

Unification of kindergarten Zverino

The unification of kindergarten with bases Zverino village of 01.04.2008 year thereto are connected Kindergarten "Light" with. Ignatitsa Kindergarten "Zdravets" s.Oselna and Kindergarten "Metallurg" with. Eliseina. From 15.09. 2014 Kindergarten "Metallurg" with. Eliseina is closed and does not work with children. Staff consists of one director, 8 teachers, 1 Accountant, 1 Host 3 3 Cooks and assistant educators. Kindergarten with bases have 5 groups, including 3 groups are in base and 2 groups in the branches. In Kindergarten with bases has adopted 92 children.